It’s quite a while since the last update – sorry for the silence!

Christmas has been real busy, as it has been attempting to rebuild the inventory after the holiday, which is pretty much where I am at!

There have been some pleasant events, in the form of some clients keeping in touch (which I do like) and an intercontinental love story expressed via the gift of photography, which I was happy to be part of :).

So here’s what’s going to happen in the immediate – and not so immediate future…

  • Some news the Mamiya Sixes. All but two rear lenses elements were to hazed to be used. One has been refurbished with new bellows and such, and I am testing with film. I will eventually, grudgingly, have to let it go. Another one should follow, and I may not change the bellow on that one to be able to sell it at an appealing price – leathers will be changed though.
  • I got grit! It’s mainly an experiment to see if I can polish the rear elements of the other mamiya sixes!
  • Pentax MX and more models are coming to the store. I am appalled as the beautiful K2s are not getting the love I expected for them
  • I got some Contax 35mm. I like the precise feel of them, although not all of them are aesthetically pristine so there are bargains to be had there.
  • I am looking for advantageous shipping rates for smaller items. They are currently sent as packages and this makes them less appealing, but I have several items I’d like to offer, if only I wasn’t tied by expensive rates.
  • I had a chat with the local Pentax distributor, there may be news on that side of the business :).
  • The survey is still very open and will be so for the foreseeable future.

There’s longer term plans, too, but enough is outlined above. In general I am aiming to build the inventory sustainably and with nice items, while I try new approaches to diversify a bit the shop offering!

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