Three weeks are in, and blimey it was good! I learnt something about supply chain, too, so that aspect should improve.

So then, on to what’s going to happen in the immediate future…

  • I am working on the Mamiya Sixes. I have five of them and plan to put three back into action soon , and play a bit with one of them. I have received the parts I wanted (bellows, leatherette, shims) so that’s something I am keen on.
  • Smaller cameras bonanza! I was playing with an Hi Matic F and I really liked the build quality. So here’s a few. I plan on modifying them so they accept modern batteries and paint them (military green and navy blue). It may take a bit but some parts of the work can be done in parallel.
  • The first painted K1000 is on sale, and it came out quite good! I have a Spotmatic SPF to reassemble in the same fashion, but I am trying to see if I can do something for the light meter,
  • Some less common Pentax K lenses are coming. I just feel I need a bit more. And I wanted a pancake for myself.
  • Olympus half frames are hitting the shelves soon. One Olympus Pen F is basically good to go, the other… I am shooting with – it’s nicer than expected. I also got some lenses for the system. Ah, there’s an FT, too.

In longer and more mysterious plans, I ordered several Japanese paper samples for a potential collab. I would also like to extend the medium format offering to Pentax and Mamiya systems. I myself use Pentax 645 quite a bit, and would like to give mamiya 67 a go..

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